- Welcome -

- Whizz Kidz... -

... is an independent pre school situated in Farningham Ridge, Pinetown; with easy access to the M13 and M7. We provide child care for pre-school children from birth to grade R and aftercare from Benjamin Pine Primary School. We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor equipment to enhance the development of each child's skills according to age and ability. The staff ensures that all activities provide a strong learning basis for when the child is admitted to Primary School.


The daily routine (2years - Grade R) encompasses, morning and movement rings etc., weekly themed work sheets, discussions, and songs.


The staff at Whizz Kidz are committed to providing learning opportunities through the medium of play. Play supports the entire curriculum and is essential to the teaching and learning ethos of the school.


- School Hours -

Hours are 06:45 to 17:15 Monday to Thursday and 06:45 to 17:00 on Fridays. The centre is closed on public holidays, between Christmas and New Year and 3 days at Easter. Dates are advised in advance.


- Classes -

- Communication, Language, and Literacy -

In all the classes, the children are encouraged to expand their vocabulary and fluency by talking and listening, and by hearing and responding to stories, songs and rhymes. Children are helped to understand that written symbols carry meaning, to be aware of the purposes of writing and, when they are ready, to use drawn and written symbols for themselvesThe Grade R group is introduced to phonics, basic reading and Letterland, which is used in most Grade 1 classes in Primary Schools, this helps them to hear sounds and recognise letters.


- Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy -

The children become familiar with the sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting activities which form the foundation for basic math.

As they use their developing mathematical understanding to solve practical problems, children are helped to learn and use the vocabulary of mathematics, identifying objects by shape, position, size, volume and number. Songs, rhymes and books help the children to become aware of number sequences and, when they are ready, to use simple mathematical operations such as adding and taking away.


- Knowledge and Understanding of the World -

The safe and stimulating environment at Whizz Kidz allows the children to explore and experiment with different materials. They learn to observe the characteristics of items and substances, recognising differences, patterns and similarities.


- Development -

- Personal, Social, and Emotional Development -

In the Whizz Kidz environment, children are individually supported in developing confidence and self-respect. They are encouraged to work independently and also to take part group activities, sharing and co-operating with other children as well as adults is important they are encouraged to express their own feelings and opinions and also be responsible for personal and school equipment.


- Creative Development -

The children are encouraged to use a wide range of resources in order to express their own ideas. Art equipment, including paint, glue, scissors, and crayons are available for the children to explore colour, shape and texture as well as being able to develop their skills in painting. Tactile materials such as play dough etc provide sensory experiences and are part of both artistic and creative development.


- Physical Development -

Outdoor equipment permits the children to develop confidence and enjoyment in the use of their bodily skills, developing increasing skill and control in moving, climbing and balancing. The large playground offers a large freedom of movement but also provides opportunities for acquiring skills such as sandpit play, and enjoying the senthopathic trays. In Class, the children are encouraged to develop their fine motor skills by using tools such as crayons, scissors and through games... A variety of construction toys are also used in this area of learning.